Here’s your roadmap for the semester:

Introduction Reading Assignment Class
2019-08-22 Introduction
2019-08-27 Reading papers + concepts
2019-08-29 No Class; Prof. Tellez at terrible conference
2019-09-03 What is political violence?
2019-09-05 Armed conflict in a changing international system
Causes of War Reading Assignment Class
2019-09-10 War as bargaining failure
2019-09-12 Bargaining in civil wars
2019-09-17 Grievance as motive for violence
2019-09-19 Grievances: US occupation of Iraq
2019-09-24 No class, but you still have reading!
2019-09-26 Material incentives in war
Logic of Political Violence Reading Assignment Class
2019-10-01 How are wars fought?
2019-10-03 Counterinsurgency
2019-10-08 Rebel tactics
2019-10-10 No class; Fall Break
2019-10-15 MIDTERM
2019-10-17 Wrapping up
Case Studies Reading Assignment Class
2019-10-22 Colombia and parapolitica
2019-10-24 Colombia and displacement
2019-10-29 Case study: Civilian support for Shining Path in Peru
2019-10-31 Case study: Civilian resistance to Shining Path in Peru
2019-11-05 Case study: Criminal violence in Central America
2019-11-07 Case study: Criminal violence in Central America
Order, Peace, and Post-Conflict Society Reading Assignment Class
2019-11-12 What is ‘order’, and where does it come from?
2019-11-14 Emergent order during war
2019-11-19 Ending conflicts: can intervention work?
2019-11-21 Ending conflicts: does separation work?
2019-11-26 No class: home assignment!
2019-11-28 No class; Thanksgiving
2019-12-03 Legacies of War
2019-12-05 Review for final Exam
2019-12-12 FINAL EXAM at 4pm